Scholarship Application

The following Scholarships are/have been offered:

  • St. James Junior Canucks Scholarship
  • Mid-Canada Fasteners and Tools Apprentice Award
  • Frank Pertson Memorial Award
  • Ken Feasey Memorial Sportsman and Academic Scholarship
  • West Perimeter Auto Center Scholarship
  • Tom Miller and Family Memorial Scholarship – In Memory of Darlene (Terry) Miller
  • Marc Wankling ‘Canuck of the Year’ Award

Applications must be submitted by Midnight on May 1st of the current year. (LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED)

The scholarship(s) will be awarded on:

  1. Basis of employment/school.
  2. Exemplifying good sportsmanship qualities at all times.
  3. Leadership qualities both on and off the ice.
  4. Volunteerism within the community

    1. General Information

    2. Employment/Education

    3. Qualities as a Player/Teammate