The St. James Junior Canucks joined the league in 1978-1979 to help complement the St. James Junior Canadians of The MJHL. After a meeting with MMJHL President Ed Rutherford, Carl Wullum, President, and Tom Miller, Vice President of St. James-Assiniboia Minor Hockey Association co-founded the Canucks.  With the number of players of junior age at that time they felt that another Junior team would help keep the young men playing hockey in St. James. The area had eight Juvenile teams, which included a Juvenile AA team, A  Midget AA team, as well as five Midget Tier 111 and 1V teams.

Tom Miller and Carl Wullum asked Mel Shandroski if he would take on the President’s position; unfortunately he was transferred to Thunder Bay before the team began operating, and Tom Miller took over as President.   The team has mainly been made up of St. James players with great support from the St. James Assiniboia Minor Hockey Association and all the community centers in the St. James area. The Canucks had their first set of sweaters donated by the St. James-Assiniboia Optimist Club. Mr. Spencer of the St. James Recreation Department built an equipment room for the team at the Allard Arena which was the club’s first home.

The First Executive was made up of Tom Miller, President, Carl Wullum, Executive Vice President, Del Buxton, Vice President, Ron Sprague, Vice President, Finance, Chris Eveleigh, Secretary, Jack Eveleigh, Gate, Roger Cathcart, Publicity, Angie D’Errico, Ways and Means, and Gerry Emmons, Program Printer. The first staff included Coach, Neil Sharpe, Manager, Ross Fick, Equipment Manager, Dennis Coxworth, and Trainer Mike Ballingall.

The Team moved to the Civic Center and had a dressing room built on the home side of the rink and occupied that until the St. James Canadians folded and the Canucks, with the blessing of Diane Woods, president of the Canadians, took over the dressing room which is where we call home today.

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