Melissa Egilson


Melissa Egilson (1960 – 2016)

In Memorium

Melissa was a member of the St. James Junior Canucks Hockey Club for 15 Years.

She was a super fan but more importantly she was an amazing volunteer. Melissa was photographer for the team, sold 50/50 tickets and will always be remembered for her love of the Canucks team and the players. She would never let you speak negatively about the players or the team!

Melissa was the go to person at the St. James Junior Canuck dinner for 10 years. Again, she worked the check in table, sold raffle tickets and sold 50/50 tickets raising over $6800.00 for our hockey program just from the dinners alone!

Melissa made it a family affair by bringing on her husband, Lyal to work the front gate and her daughter Brielle to eventually take over as team photographer.

Melissa worked tirelessly and always had a smile on her face.

She will be greatly missed but never forgotten by our organization.

Melissa, rest in peace.