Heritage Victoria Carnival

Jarrett Lynam and Nick Pierce took some time out of their schedules to visit the heritage carnival Saturday morning at Heritage Victoria Community Club. The Canuck players showed up wearing their jerseys and quickly started the morning by helping outside fix some minor things with the outdoor rink. As the community club began to fill for the annual pancake breakfast, they headed inside. They walked around selling 50/50 tickets, interacting with young hockey players and even signed a few autographs. The children were just thrilled to see Jarrett and Nick walking around and many lined up to have a quick chat with them. Lynam was pleased to be able to share his morning with many young hockey players so excited to meet him. “When the kid asked me for my autograph, I said are you sure?” Lynam said chuckling ” He said yeah, I’m number 26 too and I really want you to sign my hat”. Nick Pierce weighed in with similar thoughts. “I didn’t realize how excited the kids would be when we got there. It was a cool experience.”