Canucks Annual Team Windup

The Canucks held their team wind up Thursday, April 14th at the Canad Inns Polo Park Tavern United. The team would like to thank Kevin Stire and his staff at Canad Inns for putting on a memorable event. The players, coaches, executive and families were treated to a delicious meal and a fantastic evening.

The Canucks started the festivities by honouring retiring goal judge Jim Alexander with a plaque recognizing all his efforts for 25 seasons! The team also celebrated the successes from the 50th Anniversary of the Civic Centre. Tyler Arnason received a plaque for being in the ceremonial faceoff and Mitchell Lockhart received a plaque for scoring the first goal in the Civic Centre 50 years after the puck was first dropped.

The Canucks would like to congratulate the following players on their yearly awards:


Executive Award – Scott Gallaher                           

Rookie of the Year – Tyler Wiess

Bob Irvine (Hardest Worker) – Nick Stire             

Defenseman of the Year Award – David Friesen

Coaches Award – Tyler Arnason                             

Team MVP – Nick Stire

Graduating Players (Jerseys) – Scott Gallaher, Riley Flynn, Austin Hill, Tyler Arnason