Canucks Annual Sportsman Dinner

The annual St. James Jr. Canucks Sportsman dinner was once again a huge success in 2019, thanks in large part to our community sponsors, fans and staff and volunteers.

The dinner sold a lot of tickets, and was capped off by a number of players and community members taking home awards and a great speech by Winnipeg Jets assistant coach and two time Stanley Cup champion Jamie Kompon.

MLA Scott Johnston
City Councillor Scott Gillingham
Winnipeg Jets Assistant Coach Jamie Kompon
Canucks’ forward Eric Wankling, recipient of the $1000.00 West Perimeter Auto Center Scholarship
Wankling also took home the $1,000 St. James Jr. Canucks Scholarship
The three winners of the Frank Pertson Memorial Award for community service, John McCammon (Middle – $1,000), Tyler Wiess (Left – $500) and Craig Wiess ($500)
Ken Feasy Memorial Sportsman and Academic Scholarship winner Cole Chicoine, who took home $1,500
Mid-Canad Fasteners and Tools Apprentice Award winner Wyatt Kemball

The Canucks want to once again thank all of the sponsors, fans, volunteers, dignitaries, and players who helped bring the St. James Jr. Canucks to new heights! Another big thanks goes out to Joe Aiello, who did a fantastic job hosting once again.

We’ll see you next season!