a St. James team

The St. James Jr. Canucks will be embarking on many community endeavours this season. As an organization we feel it is important to “give back” to the community that supports us on a regular basis. We want the young hockey players in St. James to aspire to be a Canuck. We will be doing events like the community club carnivals, St. James “AA” day, a Food Fare Grocery day, the 7/8 year old shoot outs on game nights as well as a game night flag bearer. These are just a few of the events that are currently planned for the organization with many more in the works.

If you see a Canuck in the community, please say hello and ask him about the program. You will soon find out about the pride and dedication these players have to the hockey club.

This is a community team, a St. James team, so check out the schedule and come and watch some competitive, skilled, and hard hitting hockey at its best!